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Answers Now

We understand that sometimes you have questions that can't wait.  That's why we offer "Answers Now".  This paid service guarantees that Attorney Hodsdon will call you back during the same business day as you submit your question. You can submit a question to Answers Now and still receive a free consultion after the paid telephone conference.  


How It Works:

  • Cost: $50.00

  • Getting Started: Simply fill out the form below and click submit.  A staff member will respond to take your payment information and give you an estimated time when Attorney Hodsdon will call you.  You will not be charged until after Attorney Hodsdon has successfully returned your call (you won't be charged for him leaving you a voice mail).

  • What do you receive? A guarantee that Attorney Hodsdon will call you back and answer your question during the same business day.

  • Response time:  Attorney Hodsdon will respond within one business day.  If he is in court, your question will be answered as soon as there is a recess.  If he is not in court he will make every effort to call you back within an hour of your question being received.  Questions submitted after 5:00 PM are considered received on the next business day.

  • Free Consultation: You can still have a free consultation:  Using "Answers Now" does not invalidate our 'free consultation' policy. You are simply paying to go to the front of the line. If you want to schedule an appointment after using "Answers Now" you may still do so.  You will even receive a $50.00 credit toward your retainer if you choose to hire Attorney Hodsdon for the same matter which you speak to him about during your Answers Now consultation.

PLEASE NOTE: Attorney Client privilege does not apply to the information you submit via this form.  Attorney Client Privilege does not take effect until Attorney Hodsdon successfully initiates the return call.


Thank you for using Answers Now, a staff member will be in touch as soon as possible to take your payment information and to give you an estimate of when Attorney Hodsdon will return your call.

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